There are times in life where our circumstances can lay heavy upon our mind, body, and spirits. While it is true that the word of God brings healing and peace to those who are burdened, we also understand that sometimes additional guidance is needed.  For times like this, we offer counseling sessions solely through the word of God lead by the Holy Spirit and prayer

Full Life has a host of highly skilled and experienced counselors to assist with the needs of our church family and the community as a whole.  We are slow to speak and quick to listen to every minor and major concern. We understand the power of unity and believe that when two are gathered in the name of the Lord, God is in their midst.

Our goal is to ensure that within our counseling sessions, with each life we touch the person understands that God loves them and wants the best for them.  There is not a spirit more powerful than the love of God. This is why in all that we do, we continue to spread that love to all. Whether in need of counseling for marriage, family, guidance, depression, etc. the team at FLAG is well equipped to get you the help and resources you need. Contact the church office today or fill out the form on the contact us page