Fundraising CAMPAIGN for Church Building Project.


Executive Summary

Full Life Assembly of God Church Minot North Dakota seeks to build a HOUSE OF WORSHIP AND PRAYER CENTER in Minot North Dakota. Full Life was incorporated in December 18th, 2018 with eleven members at Grand Hotel with a current membership of fifty and growing. We are currently worshiping in a rented facility North Hill 3001 North Broadway. Pastor Samuel Acquah, Church Leadership and the entire church members are taking steps of faith to build or acquire a building property for a HOUSE OF WORSHIP AND PRAYER CENTER.

Our plan is in three phases:

• To raise $500,000 the first year by faith in 2021. • Acquire property or build ground up church building in 2021. • Engage in community programs, be an outreach and resource center in our community. We believe the project provide immense benefit to Minot community. Background The Full Life Assembly of God is presently situated at 3001 North Broadway Minot, ND. FLAG is under the mother church of Pentecost Fire Assembly of God Burnsville, Minnesota with Head Pastor Joseph Forkuo and Spiritual covering of Apostle Bismarck Osei Akomeah of Jesus Power Assembly of God of Columbus Ohio. The Lord is increasing our numbers; new families are being added, the ministry is growing, and we need to reach out to a greater number of people in our community for the Lord Jesus Christ. As we experience numerical growth, the church continues to respond to the pulse of the congregants and ensure a congenial atmosphere for worship. Our children are growing and the need of space for the children worship arena. Our current rentals payment motivates us to project into the future to take step of faith to acquire property or buy land and build group up by faith. The building project fundraising campaign focuses to achieve three milestones: Raise funds throughout the year 2021, purchase property or build ground up church building in 2021/22.

The Building

The proposed HOUSE OF WORSHIP AND PRAYER CENTER will be a 200-seater plus sanctuary and will include about 50 plus car parking stalls at a ratio of 1 stall to 2 seats. The proposed House of Worship will include the Auditorium (main sanctuary along with the worship platform and the sound boot), Youth/multipurpose hall, Children’s worship arena, offices and a forty-capacity pre-school. Also, there will be a large foyer for the coffee bar and meet & greet area. Our aim and goal is that the development of the new church building will house extracurriculars programs such as after school program which will go along with character building qualities such as focus, a strong work ethic, determination, and self-esteem, We will provide food pantry/food bank and weekly soup kitchen in the building. The new church building will house daycare and preschool programs. We aim to acquired existing property or buy land to build ground up in 2021/22.

Going Forward

Full Life Assembly of God team of leadership and members are very excited, supportive and optimistic that the proposed HOUSE OF WORSHIP AND PRAYER CENTER will be constructed as planned and on schedule. Beloved, your generous financial help and support for this great cause is highly appreciated.

Donations and Giving

The proposed HOUSE OF WORSHIP AND PRAYER CENTER will require several large and small donations that are sacrificial in nature in order to meet our campaign financial goal. These donations can either be given as a one-time lump sum, weekly or monthly donation (as the Lord leads). In an effort to meet our financial target, the Pastor and Church Leadership and Faithful members, have the honor to invite you to our FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN on the Theme “Arise and let us Build” Nehemiah 2:18 from April 14th to 18th, 2021.